Monday, August 5, 2013

Praying a Bit More Deliberately

Family Home Evening tonight was perhaps not my most organized or well thought out effort. In fact, we just watched a movie (Alpha and Omega -- kids' choice) and then I talked with the girls for a few minutes about a topic I've felt we needed to discuss. The topic? Using deliberate language in our prayers. 'Cause I'm that kind of mom ... (word nerd meets the need for divine communication, that's me.)

In an attempt at full disclosure, I should tell you that I felt slightly guilty for not putting more preparation into the evening. At the same time, I've found that when I've been thoughtful about what topics we need to learn about, sometimes waiting until the moment approaches works. Often, the thoughts and ideas that most need to be said come in the very moment that they're sought after. That, and the migraine that set in shortly before our Family Home Evening ... well, ya know.

As we talked about using deliberate language in our prayers, what that means, and why it's important, two little girls had the giggles. It might have had something to do with some of the real life examples I gave them. True, the examples were a bit exaggerated, but they were real enough and provided a stark enough contrast that I thought maybe the kids would be able to see how they tied into prayer.  We talked about asking that we "will" as opposed to "will be able to," etc. I tried to help them understand how the power of a word or group of words changes with how we use them. (Again, meet my inner word nerd.) We talked about how we still need to be humble and to be able to recognize the need for the Lord's will to be done. I explained that using deliberate language should not be telling Heavenly Father what we think He should do, but rather be used as a sign of faith and a request for action.

All told, it was a fairly short conversation. I did most of the talking. The kids did all the fidgeting. Honestly, I wasn't really certain they got anything from the "discussion." But, I tried.

I was surprised later to hear them applying what we'd talked about in their own prayers. I was more surprised when my oldest, before and between each prayer, kept saying "WILL!" in her muscle man voice. It was interesting to see what they chose to apply that language to. I was flabbergasted to hear my oldest explaining to her dad what it means to use deliberate language in our prayers when she was called him to say goodnight.

They might not remember it come tomorrow, but for now, we're going to call it a win ...

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